Swimpond Designed for Hydrotherapy

This is a medium-sized swimpond designed for use as a hydrotherapy pool.  It has a swimming area 40 ft long x 10 ft wide with planted filter beds approximately 5 ft wide.   The pool is just 5 ft deep and fitted with a deck floor to allow for walking and exercising.   The site previously had a small patio and pergola framed by a stone wall. The plan was to keep the stone wall, backfilling it with the sub soil excavated for the pond.    An over-hanging timber dock gives access to the swimpond via a ladder and also hides the skimmer.

The transition out of the pond provides different planting opportunities for aquatic plants, from deep water to moisture loving, such as Bog Bean, Lilies and Blue Pickerel. The surrounding area was landscaped with very informal rockery and planting to rationalise the grade change from the high-side down to the pond.  New planting includes Lavender, Sedum, Stipa, Fescues and Kinnikinick. The specification is modest in terms of size and materials with minimum use of structural concrete, since there is a less volume of water to be supported.  The sub soil material is glacial till, which is almost like concrete and ideal for building half walls. Rather than building side walls to the full depth of the pond, half walls were adequate for the size of the pond. The retaining walls for the filter beds could be built directly onto the shallow shelf surrounding the swim area, a saving on cost. For easier walking  and hydrotherapy exercises, the swimming pond has a deck floor for which we used plastic lumber. Plastic lumber  was also used for the for the walls of the filtration area as an alternative to concrete.   Cedar was used as a capping for the walls, as a protection from sunlight.   Since the site has no natural water supply for replacing water lost due to evaporation, a gravelled-filled sump was needed as a means to collect rainwater off the house roof.   Rainwater from the roof down spouts is filtered before entering the sump gravel.   The water is then pumped up to a 2500 gallon storage tank.  The tank combined with the volume of water in the sump gives approximately 4000 gallons back up for the pond.  Plumbing in and out, including the overflow, is all in the same area. The photos below taken when the swimpond was just finished and newly planted.   It will need at least 2 seasons to mature and become established.

Contact Andrew Lewis,  (++1)-250-653-4770.

The benefits of a naturally filtered pool for swimming compared with traditional chemical filtration methods.

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