Fulford Valley Swimpond and Pizza Oven

A large swimpond with a full-length swimming area for lengths and diving with a shallow kid's pool at one end.  The site chosen was a flat meadow which was wet but otherwise easy to excavate.   Due to the volume of water to be contained, the construction needed to be substantial.  The design uses heavy-duty interlocking concrete blocks to provide the strength and stability needed to support the weight of water in a swim-pond of this size.    Large imported sandstones were used for the water features and diving stone and in one corner, a glass sculpture as been placed by the artist.  The landcaping included  stone retaining walls, steps, and an outdoor pizza oven.  Planted in the late summer of 2012, the pond was not yet established during 2013.  Read more...

Swimpond intended for use as a Hydrotherapy pool

The health benefits of natural filtration are an obvious advantage if the pool is to be used for Hydrotherapy. The swimpond has a swimming area of 40 ft x 10 ft.   The depth with a depth of 5 ft suitable for exercises.   For ease of walking, the bottom surface of the pool is finished with a deck floor,  made with plastic material   having the appearance of wood.  The sides are also lined  with the same wood substitute.

Access to the swim pond is from an overhanging timber deck with a ladder for entry into the water.  Very little concrete was used with this design, due partly to the size of the and also the nature of the site.  Read more...

The benefits of a naturally filtered pool for swimming compared with traditional chemical filtration methods.

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